Monday, January 18, 2010

After the REST

I smile a crooked smile. A pondering smile. Most people that know me would not be surprised to see me lost in thought. When one travels the highways, there are 'rest stops' along the way. (some are coned off now due to economic times) Sometimes these rest stops are needed more than other times; traveling with little children or pregnant moms or even old ones of us. You can't stay overnight. There comes a time when you have to move on. Life is not an end in itself, but merely part of a journey.
Grief is a journey. It really does lighten up after a while, although there will be the poignant moments when our loved one is sorely missed. Like during Pomp and Circumstance. Biola University. December graduation. The robes of the professors were stunning with all the colors in the scarves. But color pales in comparison to the lives of the graduates as they made their way into the packed gymnasium. The wave of emotion hit me broadside faster than a Tsunami. If I had been alone I probably would have sobbed wildly. This evening I just gasped and smiled proudly between the rain draining quickly from my eyes. "Oh, your dad would be so proud." The magna cum laude is a great honor, but even moreso to have you as a son! Dr. B and Dr. J--what gracious words they had for you. What a praise that God would so graciously answer a mother's prayer! Meeting the men that would be God's shield and provision for you. Mentor doesn't even capture the godly and tender warrior role these men played in your life. To laugh and cry with you, to challenge and encourage you. May God grant these men, and others, grace and blessings as they continue to be servants of the Most High God; shepherding as God places particular sheep in their paths.
And then there is the faithful 'got your back friend.' All the way from the first 'rest stop' of 5th grade. Rest stop is appropriate as you certainly did NOT want to stop long in school--let's get 'er done! (and WHY do we have to go to school?) :) E.O. has been an amazing friend. Always one to know that you've had enough hugs from folks after your dad took his final earthly rest. One who is there to celebrate your high points in life and your low ones quietly along the way. Resting, if you will, nearby until the Lord sets you right on your feet for your next chapter. I will be forever grateful to those who come to your side when I am far from you. It's part of the rest of the story when you fly from the nest.
My nest is changing again. 2 have flown and another flies this spring. I am being courted by a godly man from a town nearby. He encourages a rest in the Lord. He is smart and funny and conversational. He is perfectly an imperfect man. Eventually I will share with you the rest of this blossoming story when comes the fragrance of the cherry blossoms later this month. Time for rest now. God is good.


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