Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cinderella...a perspective?

I'm sure it was the wicked step-mother that was making me iron all those clothes. Where do they come from? Can I just say...I have nothing weighty to say...

I went running today. It's good to be out. The creek along the trail tells its story along the way, sometimes louder than at other places. It always amazes me what one will find in the creek...a skateboard helmet, a frisbee, and of course the obligatory trash. Today an older lady on a scooter showed me the ducks that are back. They looked like they were dancing around one another between dives under the water. Further down the trail I was privileged to watch the egret soar over the creek and gently glide in to settle down for a rest. They are quite unique with their 's-shaped' neck. I don't know who was watching the other more--me or the egret.

The bulbs are all blooming and I feel almost overwhelmed to try to take it all in. That's been a small victory of late...not looking at the whole list of things that need to get done...just doing an extra thing here and there. Maybe one day the list will blow away in the wind. So who says daydreaming is wrong? My daughter finished Singing in the Rain today. Oh how I love to walk in the rain. One son returned from a conference and the other left for one. My oldest just started his own radio program at his college. I'm sure he will ruffle some a good way. All 4 kids have hinted at really missing their dad this week. Appreciate your prayers for them.

The pumpkin (from the fall) is still on the front porch. It's a Charlie Brown pumpkin and it hasn't rotted yet. I haven't seen the mice that will turn it into a coach, but we do have a cat that thinks it lives on our front porch. Would you PLEASE tell it to go away. My daughter told it our dog would eat it. (Yes, we're getting a dog.)

There are so many adjustments to finding one's new normal. It seems there is a real need in our area for a widows group. It is exciting to see what God is starting. I have a feeling He wants to use our group to bring hope to new widows we are meeting. It is so comforting to see other faces of ladies who are on the same journey. It's a balm...unlike the ironing pile that just laughs at me weekly. I think if I was Cinderella I would twinkle my nose and have all my clothes ironed as soon as they came out of the dryer. (My friend said just buy things that don't need ironing). Burlap gets itchy and polyester...ick.

This blog entry probably makes little sense, but some days are just like that. They are a little unplanned, drifting here and there. I'm learning about faith and being stretched in waiting...for direction and timing on ministry stuff and dog stuff and finding time to write. The stars are beautiful in the night sky and God is on His throne. I'm half way through a course on missions called Perspectives. Isn't that what we all need? To keep the right perspective. I read a lot and ponder a lot. I absolutely love the Bible study I get to facilitate with a bunch of young moms (and a few other ladies who have joined us :) ). They are seeing that God can teach them from His Word all by Himself. They read and ask questions of what they are reading and they find cross references and they share with their children. There is nothing like seeing the lightbulb come on in someone's face when they discover God's love letter to them; a letter personal and intimate.

It is almost Cinderella's hour, that time when reality returns. The dance is ending but the ducks will keep swimming. I do hope you have remembered to turn your clocks forward. Love your families, laugh a lot and pray hard. May you be a blessing and be blessed.

Don't know if I'm missing a few marbles...or just a shoe.
I appreciate you in my life.


At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Ester a Cinderella?
Does Cinderella learn that there's more to life than what she see's?

see any frogs down by the creek?

Annie, you are a blessing to many,and to me; continue to know that you will be blessed exceedingly abundantly.

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Andy McCullough said...

Praying for you andd your kids.

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've heard someone say, "If you can't change your circumstance, change your perspective." We are often reminded, no - forced in our struggle to remember to adopt the right thinking.

And I find it neat, and really appreciate God for His ability to give us perspective as we journey along observing people, nature, and many other things around us! Thank You, Lord, for life lessons!

Perspective...I get that here from reading your musings. Thanks for sharing!

You're loved,


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