Thursday, February 08, 2007

More or Less

How are you today? Me? More or less okay. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I do know Who my God is. “He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” I have to review truth sometimes…almost moment by moment. Perspective can change in sneaky ways. The enemy is so seductive with the things of our culture…even attitudes…entitlements…expectations…comforts.

I was part of a round table discussion this week on the book “Margins.” It’s about the necessity of building margins into our lives…physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in relation to time. I want to read the book. But I don’t have time. Less. Wish I had MORE. (Someone else facilitated the discussion.)

Is it choices, priorities, necessities? Single parenthood. The have-tos. One of the definitions the author gave regarding margins was the “place between breathing freely and suffocating.” I know this place. How many of us know and walk this place…sometimes without wanting anyone to know. We live on the verge, on the edge. I see it in so many families in this area with high price tags on the houses and one crushing event in their life…

How does one find enough margin in time and still stay connected to people? Email only goes so far. The arms, the face, the eyes. I love my kids more this year than last. Sometimes I struggle with the “less” time with them. But, I am working at spending more time. I’m still working at teaching them to fly and gathering the right assistant coaches. Everyone is busy. Do I have enough margin to help others? Do I model for and encourage my kids to build margin into their lives so they can help others? So many ‘push-me-pull-yous’ in my life/heart.

It is raining. The winter rains have finally arrived now that it is almost spring. I have the blinds closed, but I can feel the grey day. There is a sweetness, though, because the birds are singing a gentle song. Rainy days can be more or less dreary. But, the rain, it can at times be the washing that we need; the gentle flowing of God’s truth and comfort and promises reminding us that the Son still reigns. Today my prayer for you and for me is that His peace that “passes all understanding, will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

Ready to tackle the day…with More of Him and less of me.
p.s. I miss you. (Yes, you can read into that a million different ways)


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