Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Eve of Wedding Anniversary


Two roses out my kitchen window...just for me.
Funny title...EVE of wedding anniversary. Sometimes I get mad at Eve. She helped Adam check out of a 10 star wed...PARADISE. All over an apple. It wasn't really all over the apple, but whence came the was ALL OVER as they knew it. They knew life and all of a sudden, they knew death.

The Bible doesn't tell us much, if anything, really about HOW to grieve. We do grieve differently than those without hope...those who lack or choose to lack knowing that Jesus has made a way to a restored relationship with the Creator. The Guy...the King of Kings, the Holy One. The One who created this earth we live on.

What do you think the "night before" creation was like for God? Sometimes the days or couple of weeks prior to a 'significant day' hold more anxieties than the day itself. I was able to write a nice letter to Michael on our anniversary.

...I giggle to think of you coming on a horse behind Jesus. My prince will come...! Thank you for loving Jesus, me, our kids, our families...for your merciful heart...

road trips and history
babies and bath times
yardwork and woodwork
fireside snuggles
and camping bonfires
muddy children
and sharing childbirth
painful pasts
and new healing
ministry and school
watching plays
and critiquing movies
cooking and scavenger hunts
surprise parties and family reunions
magic shows and moonlighting with balloon-bending
stressful ministry
and amazing triumphs
blue jeans
and black tie affairs
clashing reds
and unexplained tears
Star Trek and Dr. Quinn nights
Potato bean soup and what's in YOUR fridge
Dinner dates and moonlight walks...

...On this day I remember the gift God gave me of
Healing Reign (see October 05)
...I have some more work here. Pray for my obedience to Jesus. I don't know when He will stand return.

...hug all the babies there...and little ones. Do you realize that in the few funerals you did--two of them were for Jesses. A brand new born Jesse and a 7 year old. Hmmmm....tender mercies.
My ring joins yours as we will be together again one day--with a different, purer love--and celebrating all the memories God made for us here. Soon it will be a year that I have made memories without you. God has used you to shape my life in profound ways. I will forever be grateful.

I go off now to W's baseball game--watching the sunset.

The sun will rise again on a new day--and YOU are with the Son.
I love you.
Thank you for loving me.
Ever yours,
(his name for me...)

2 roses
2 rings
many thorns
and for Jesus...a crown of them
"the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glories we will one day receive." Romans 8:18

All...because of spite of Eve

Thank you for aching and remembering with me as we observe these anniversaries. Thank you for thinking forward for me...for blessing me with God's hand for my future. He is and will be ever faithful.

I love you my family,


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