Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Handwriting is on the Wall

I think it is funny how phrases will come to one's mind. The Handwriting is on the Wall is actually a phrase from Daniel chapter 5...a warning of impending doom. I really wanted to use it as a title and, for me, the meaning is more about the memory that can only be a memory now. I went to the fridge and got out the new margerine tub.

I had a meltdown. Pun intended I guess. I peeled off the protective cover and saw the nice little swirl in the middle where the machine would have filled the container. There was no love note from Michael there...no secret initials saying hi and that he had been there first. Same in the peanut butter jar. Those memories are secret and funny...quirky and suprising. How many of us really wake up in the morning and say, "I wonder what note I will find written in the peanut butter this morning."

I think we all need those funny things in relationships that are warm bits of encouragements. It makes sense why God tells us to love one another in so many different ways. Knowing that God tells YOU that He loves you "with an everlasting love," how can you show love to someone today? While I have little meltdowns over nutty memories, I am grateful for those expressions of love that God constantly sends my way. Sometimes it is through His Word, sometimes through people, and often through a combination of situations with people and words and nature. Beautiful sunsets and starry nights ALWAYS have His loving signature on them.

He writes love notes to me daily.
I am grateful.

Ever grateful for you,


At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
Blessed Christmas to you and your children! I'll try to call you soon! Love from Linda O. in Canada

At 1:59 AM, Blogger Annie B said...


You've so been on my heart and mind. Guess what? I'm engaged! I look forward to talking with you. We're going to use your idea about supporting different ministries in lieu of gifts. Thank you for your testimony!
Love AnnieB


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